B. P. Tennis is committed to providing each player with world class training opportunities. The guiding philosophy for our program is working with each player to:


1 - Develop solid fundamentals for each stroke.

A good technique is the foundation for a good player.  B. P. Tennis  believes that the instruction at an early stage is very important for the future of a tennis player. When a student is taught the appropriate way when they start, the good technique allows the player to develop without further problems and allows the student to move through the stages without getting stuck.


2 - Train off-court and in the gym for general fitness to improve in the areas of strength, movement and endurance.

A good ball striker cannot function without footwork. In today’s competitive tennis world, the

tennis player needs to be a world class ball striker as well as a  world class athlete. B.P. Tennis

will work with the player to identify the weak areas of  the player’s fitness and will work closely

with the fitness coach to improve the player’s athleticism on the court.


3 - Pinpoint and work with a clear vision of the appropriate style of play for each player.

Tennis is evolving at a rapid pace. Today’s tennis player needs to be well rounded. We see more and more  players that are able to defend and attack like never before.  The player has to have a defined style but also needs to be well rounded. The player needs to serve well, return well, have a solid baseline game, and a solid net game. B. P. Tennis firmly believes that the more weapons a player possesses the more chances he/she has of winning the game.


4 - Understand and implement the basic and advanced tactics and strategies. 

Many people do not understand the difference between a hitter and a player. If you ever played tennis, and lost a match you have probably said to yourself: How did I lose to this person? The answer is exactly that:  That person played better than you that day. B.P. Tennis will teach the student how to utilize their strengths against the opponents weaknesses and minimize the opponents strengths against the student’s weaknesses, together with many tactics and strategies that are available to us due to our experience in the sport.


5 - Learn the rudiments of mental toughness and design an individual program for each player based on their needs.

Have you seen the greatest tennis players of all time in action? Notice some similarities? The tennis player needs to be in control of their emotions at all times. Frustration, anger and tanking are some emotions that destroys a tennis player. B. P. Tennis teaches students methods and techniques that will help them control the emotions that makes players fail.


6 - Determine and utilize a tournament training schedule based on each current player’s level of play and stage of development.

Choosing the right tournaments is very important for many reasons. Lack of training, playing surfaces, injury, physical fatigue and personal problems are some of the factors that causes a player to lose tennis matches. The management of these and many other facts make a player successful. B. P. Tennis will work with the player to determine the best schedule that fits his/her needs in order to maximize results.


B. P. Tennis Director Eli Serrano and Head Pro Rudy Diaz De Vivar are committed to providing world class teaching experiences to our students. Our coaching staff looks at each player as an individual. We work to help each person improve their game through both group and individual workouts. B. P. Tennis wants all participants in our programs to have the best experience possible and will work with the player and his/her parents to achieve this goal.  We offer instruction for every level of play, from 6 year old beginners in the sport to professionals on the tour.




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